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day when the group .... beat, robbed and stripped a tourist downtown. the videotaped attack was later posted on youtube and used by poliie to track down the defendants. it arrested. thissmorning.... those individuals appeared in court some in custtdy... and pleaa guilty as part of a plea deal. as it sttnds now, aaron parsonn received the parshess sentence... that being 1 year. i asked parssns' defense attorney hy he didn't ake thisscase to trial. 10:29;23 one aaron is locked up and would have sat there for another 334 5 6 7 8 months try the case :30 he'll be out in three mooths and so it made no sense to take it to trial :33 parsons and onn otthr defendant plead guilty to robbery while the two others plead guilty to 2nd degree assault. both maleedefendants actions.... the victimmwas not in court today. joy
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that brings us to our question of the you think the punishment for those involved in theest. pptrick's day beating as fair? 3& go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send uu a tweett. pt foxbaltimore. and you can text your answee to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. police need your shot nd killed a man early - sunday morning in parkville. olice rrsponded to calls for shots fired near darlington drive and oakleigh road around 2- a-m sunday. they found 31- year- old derrick gamble inside a vehicll... suffering from multipleeguushot wounds.he was pronounced dead at the scene. tonight... authorities continue to investigate a fire that claamed the life of an annn arunnel county woman.this video taken by one of our viewers... lorien hiteshew. flames broke out around 10 sunday morring inside the home on newport avenueein the
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community in millerrvillee police found the woman's body inside.... but have not et confirmee her identity. two fire companies in the city will close today.. due to ballimore's budget deficit.but one of the companies that was supposed to close........ will be open a little bit longer. this is video of truck 10 at a fire on roberts street in west baltimore last wednesday night. the president of the firefighters union says truck 10 will not close until october. a tragic weeeend in a small &pcommunity on the eastern ssor. three bbys were found dead in a creek hours after they were reported missing.paul geesler joins us n studio--paul, apparently the oppressive heatwave played a role. that's what investigatorss suspect.the three oys... ages 12, 11 nd 6... were last playing basketball near their church ii federalsburg.their chhrch pastor says none off them knew how to swim. it reached a recooddhigh 102 degrees saturdayyin
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federalsburg.authoriiies believe the threeeboys went into the nearby marshhyope creek to cool off.theyywere niggt and found sunday morning. the boys are part of federrlsburg's small haitian community. 3 "it's a ttagedy. and they need to do something. they need to do somethinggso that this doesn't happen again, so that no other child has to drown or fall into quicksand. this doesn't make any sense at all." officials do not believe foul playywas involved..eanwhile, the boys namesshave been releesed.12- year- ld vlaaimir jacotin...11- year- old christopher gabriel.those two are cousins...and their friend, 6- year- old yamoude dona.reportiig in the studio, paul gessler, fox45 news at five. &pthere's a new plea ttconserve water throughoutthe baltimore area. that word from city public works officials...who main. thee're trying to avoidwhat happened nearlythree years ago in dundalk...when a huge water mainbreak caused seriousdamage.
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public works officials...have disovered anothhr attr main in southwest baltimore. that's why they're takingprecautions. (foxx) "please refrain from outside watering, car washing, powwr washing or pool topping until after sunset or during the early morning hours." houus."some resiients could experieece low waterpressure this week. repairs are eepected tobegin later this week. &pthe power may have een restored but cleaning up from &pthe big june 29th storm will &ptake months.. the biigest challenge now is fallen tress press melinda roeder live in notherst where...crews frrm private ttee services are hard at work. 3 3
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it was just yesterday that bge announced that power has been restored to all those who lost it during the overnight storm &pon june 29th.unfortunatley... after last night's storms...
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more than 18- hhndred citt... while moreethan 11- e - hundred aa in baltimore county. b-g-e has restored power to more than 14- thousand customers since earlyythis morning. and ust as crews clear remmins of last week's storm out of our area... parts f night... ttis time in caa see the destruction powerffl windss caused on several buildingss the roof was torn off one buildinggwhere group of chherleaders were prrcticing. 23-27"we were scared and &pprayinn to god...and (covere again with video) hoping we weren't going to die." die." 40--7"we weren't that close from it hitting us...we had just stepped foot in there and (covered again with video) we saw it just cave in on uu." ---a roof of a strip mall -- - also peeled equipment could be seen flying through the windows. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our
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report. map belair295fiber map 3 895map 3 and killed at bar- b- que
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and it all started wwth hugging a police officer. 3 "fighting, screaming nats" nats"fighting ann screeming outside a courthouse.the topic over. pnd thousands of americans woke up this morning without the use of the internet.coming up... the problem and wwy the f-b-- is involved. --adblib weather tz-- [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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weekend before her 25th birthday is killed in a freak accident... 33 police say adaisha miller was fatally shot at a party sunnay in deeroit. it happened when she hugged an off-duty poliiee officer on the dance floor, causing his weapon to iie.the bullet punctured adaisha's lung anddheart... she died instantly. now, her family was carrying his service weapon. "he's at a private partyywith relatives, what do you need a gun if youre with yyur relatives? you cant trust them, dont go." go." the officer has been placed on administrative duties while authorities investigatee --brawl nats-- nats-- a courtroom brawl is caught on camera in florida... as witnesses come to blows over a hearing on the stand your ground law. the law allows people to use deadlyyforce when they feel a reasonable
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threat of death or serious injury.this case involves a kklling outside a night club last year.afterrtoday's hearing was canceled, the punches started mann sttetcher .. with a possible broken officer was also during the fight. of the ead president obama puts taxes on the radar raiiing the stakes in an already heated eleccion year.the president's proposal not only sets off an election yeaa battle butthow it is resolved affects your's craig boswell has more from washington. washington. president obama says congress should "temporarily" extend bush - era tax cuts for those making less than 250-thousandd dollars a year - but "not"" for those makkng more than that.obama says: "so i'm not proposing anything radical here, i juut believe anybody making over $250,000 a year should go back to the incomm rates we were paying under bill clinton." of the year and the president says if that happens
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"middle class" families taxes will increase by about 22-hundred doolars. obama says: "in many way the fate of the tax cut for the weaathiest amerrcans will be decided by the outcome of the nnxt election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place, i will fight to end them." a spokesperson for presumed pepublicaa nominee mitt romney released a statement saying.. (gfx) "president obama's announcement this morning will mean a tax increase for &pmillions of families, jjb creators, and small businesses." andrea sauul romney cammaign spokesperson gop leaders say tte tax cuts should be extended forrall income evels .price says: "something thaa governor romney supports because he believes that that will stimulate the economy and provide certainty out there in the job market. boswell says: "the white house says the president will not sign a bill that extends the tax cuts across tte board. funnraising efforts are also intensifying with 4 months until the november ellction ..mitt romneyyand the republicans say they raised 106 million dolllrs last month while presidenn obama and the democrats raised 71 million. in washington craig boswell fox news." pand speaking of money for
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government.... fox 45 will be hosting a town hhll meeting on taxes in our studios thursday, july 12th at 7 p-m.if you want to watch it live on our website... just go to fox- baltimore-dot-com. some college students are fighting to carry guns on campus after a recent spike in crime at georgia tech. tech. a couple of weeks ago 3 tech students were rrbbed off campus.and most recently a student asleep in this ddrm, behind three layers of campus security, had a gun pointed at his head. now, a group of students have started an governor.robert eagar is "when crime picked up on campus i took it personally, really. if you are being threatened walking to and from your apartment when you should is something we need to work t on." 3 a spokesman for georgia tech says the university follows the board of regents policy and state law. 3 tens of thousands of computer
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users areeinnthe dark across america thanks to dns changer should be if you are unable to access the interret. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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the announcers at a major league baseball game in texas said it came out of nowhere... nowhere..."loud thunddr sound" sound"that's lighting hitting near the stadium during a texas rangers and minnesota twins game.overron first base, the thunder clap sent twins plaaer josh willingham to his hands ann can see the catcher was the first to make a bee-line or the dugout. the game was delayee 46- minutts... and play resumed
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with sevvral plaaers having a 3 3 no lightning nd thunder storms forrus right now but plentt of heat and after a week of sweltering temperatures... we deserve this cool down.
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earrier we told you about the plea deals for the four defendants accused in the st. patrick's beattng in downtown our question of day we are asking if you think the punishment for those defendants is fair? fair?bruce writes on facebook..."nope, they should not have received any time susp. writes...."that much time for
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one punch is ridiculous. ridiculous.a lot of stong feelings on this quuetion. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think.. facebook. send us a tweet.. g at foxbaltimore. and you can teet your answwr to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 a new report highlights the great health effects pett have on people.whichhtype of pet are bess for kids... coming up. ♪
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with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at vitamins may not be helping much as originnlly thought. thought.researchers foond many pids between nine and eighteen had low levels of certaii vitamins aad minerals... and few took suuplements...while those under nine had adequate levels offmost nutrients ... and were possibly getting too much of ssme vittmins and failed to get sufficient d
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amounts of calcium and vitamin d... anddsometimes overloaded on nutrients such as iron and vittmin á authors say findings suggest manufacturers need to reformulate their not exceed their vitamin needs. familiis with furry friends could help keep kids new sttuy from finllnd. researchers found babies that grew up with cats or dogs had fewer ear infections and respiratory problems. they say animal-interaction helps a baby's immune system to mature. researchers also found that kids with pets needed less medication... evee when they were sick.families with dogs that went outside fared the best. playground arennt just ffr kids anymore, anymore,this workout park in new york is one of the growing first appearrnce... the equipment looks like what you would find at a childrrn's park.but you will find the out... pull ups, dip and sit ups bars and much more for those that want to ave the freedom of being outside during a workout.
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42-52"you goo people playing basketball over there, people doing their pull-ups, push-ups and dips. at times peopleeneed to clear their thoughts. this issa great place to clear your " plans to create at least 20 more of these outdoor gyms throughout the city. hundreds of housands of internet users wre left hanging when tey tried to connect today. today.that's because their computers are infectee with particularly nasty virus.last people they say are &pressonsibll for the malware, called d-n-s-charger.the virus reddrects an iifected user's web searches to spoofed sites with malicious advertisements. to give people time to get rii of the malware, the the f-b-ii set up temporary servers.but today... those servers were turned off after a caapaignnto get interret users to check virus.the f-b-i's latest iius. estiiatt today showed nearly 211-thousand computerssstill had the virus.if you don't have internee access... all you can do is call your help
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desk, or inttrnet service provider's customer service... and be prepared for a lonn wait. isuzu is voluutarily recaaling more thaa ellven thousand rodeo sport and amigo s-u-v's because reer suspension parts can rust and brrak away from the frame and could cause a crrsh.the recalllaffeets amigos from the 19-98 to two thousaaddooe model years... also, rodeo sports from two thousand two.the national highway traffic safety administration says the recall covers vehicles in twenty one states and washington, d-c where salt is used to clear the roads.isuzu dealersswill inspect the suspensions and treat them, or install a reinforcing bracket.owners pill be notified by ail. thaa piece of luggage the to airline lost....wwll most likely it eeded up etting sold to some lucky customer. custommr..aa hello to the land
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of lost luggage...wwere yoor llst bags and everything inside is on sale at the áunclaimed baggage centerá in alabama. each yearrtens of store where bargain hunters is buy what áused to be yoursá for twentt to eighty-percent off retail value. "we stock about 5-thouuand ittms every single day. that could be anything from a thing of soccs to a 15,000 diamond ring." 3&&ppnd its all legal. by law t airlines are required to sppnd 90-days trying reunnte baas with theirrownees. more than 99-percent of the time they're successful....but that one- percent left occupies the shelves of the unclaimed bagged center. 3 the eat wave maa be over..... but the city could now e issuungga áwater conservation advisoryá the areas that may be experiencing low water pressure coming up.... --adblib weather tz--
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